Orlando Tummy Tuck without Surgery

Interested in an Orlando tummy tuck with no surgery, no downtime and less expensive than most surgical procedures?  The tummy tuck is our most popular service in Orlando and our before/after images detail exactly why.

From sagging skin after extreme weight loss to mommy makeovers, our non surgical programs can make you to achieve the look that you desire.  The UltraSculpting procedure melts the fat underneath the surface of the skin safely with up to 140 degrees of non-radiation intense pulse light; which the patient then urinates or sweats out of their body.


After the fat has been melted, the layer of skin that is now droopy because it is covering a space where fat no longer exists, is then tightened up with a second modality of equally safe and non-invasive intense pulsed light.

As you can see on the before / after result of the tummy tuck shown above the consequent removal of the fat pockets between the skin and muscle underneath allows for the true definition of the stomach to be shown in it’s authentic non-scarred state.

So many times people work hard on their bodies only to see diminishing returns due to age, hormonal imbalances, and / or slowed metabolism.

Our no cut Tummy Tuck allows these very same people to enjoy the two to six pack that they have been diligently trying to secure through exercise and diet without having to lose two weeks income during recovery AFTER spending mid-to-high four figures on their surgical procedure.

    No-cut tummy tuck- Angelic Lift

    UltraSculpting vs. Surgical Tummy Tuck

    UltraSculpting is a Non- Surgical Tummy Tuck without the risk and cost of a surgical procedure

    There is a real risk of death from a surgical tummy tuck.  It’s not just a “tummy tuck”, it’s real surgery.  It is extremely painful and requires weeks to months of downtime.  This is why people prefer the non-surgical tummy tucks and face lifts offered by UltraSculpting.  With an UltraSculpting Tummy Tuck Orlando procedure, you can come in for lunch and go right back to the office after your treatment.

    UltraSculpting provides amazing results with:

    No Cutting – Zero Surgery

    No Injectables or needles

    No Downtime

    No Scarring

    No recovery time

    tummy tuck for SummerThe UltraSculpting Tummy Tuck for Body Contouring/Love Handles

    It works wonders for body sculpting of your 360 degrees of your mid-section for the different problems you may have:

    The UltraSculpting for Body Contouring/Love Handles improves outcomes for body contouring by defining and reducing your circumference. We target the lower and upper stomach in addition to the extra blotchy back fat.

    Stretch Marks/Scars

    The UltraSculpting helps one of the most common skin disorders that is impacting 95% of women during puberty or pregnancy, and can also occur in men and children. Historically stretch marks are difficult to treat, stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched from rapid growth or weight gain, and causes damage to the connective tissue in the dermis. The UltraSculpting Tummy tuck Orlando for Stretch Marks reduces the appearance and the common discoloration associated with it. The procedure use has been shown to be an effective and safe way to have result for other skin irregularities in all skin types with minimal side effects, discomfort or downtime.

    Scars from surgery/Acne Scars

    Acne scars is a common condition experienced by up to 85% of the youth and young adults and 5% of older adults. In addition, many suffer of permanent, disfiguring scars.

    The exclusive procedure has significant outcome that avoids the potential complications of the invasive and/or aggressive treatments. With UltraSculpting you can expect the tone and texture of your skin to have improvements as a result of increased levels of collagen and elastin and new healthy skin cells, which are produced.

    FDA cleared machines

    Our FDA approved Syneron equipment along with the artistry of UltraSculpting can produce amazing results for our no-cut tummy tuck clients.  The combination of 2 IPL systems for fat reduction and skin tightening can provide remarkable results for diminishing scars, sculpting love handles, smoothing out rough skin and of course, getting rid of the loose skin or belly bulge.

    Owner of HLC reveals tummy tuck

    Leslye Gale Lift TuckLeslye Gale – Magic 107.7

    Leslye Gale of Magic 107.7 wanted to get a no cut tummy tuck before her wedding.  Her results were absolutely astounding and she was able to show off her figure during the wedding.  On top of that,  Leslye wore a bikini for the first time in years during a cruise after her UltraSculpting treatments.  Our no cut treatments are painless, involve no surgery and are generally cheaper than most surgeries.  The fact that there is zero down time with UltraSculpting makes it easy to do the program during lunch, over vacation or after work.

    Check out her before and after pictures.

    leslye gale tummy tuck

    Why Do We Show you REAL Client photos and videos

    We don’t use stock photos from the manufacturer.  Our proof is right here.

    When you view photos of UltraSculpting clients, you will see actual results that UltraSculpting has achieved and get a better sense of the possible outcome of UltraSculpting sessions. These REAL CLIENT photos are provided for our online visitors but there are many more photos available when you come in for a FREE consultation.

    Please keep in mind that every person is unique and your results may vary. The photos displayed on our website are of REAL CLIENTS  that have allowed us consent to show their photos online. If you are interested in receiving more information, come in for a FREE CONSULTATION and learn more about what UltraSculpting Tummy Tuck Orlando can do for you.

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