Leslye Gale LATEST Angelic Lift Results

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Check out Leslye Gale’s latest results from the UltraSculpting Orlando.

Note the amazing butt lift as is evidenced by the tattoo rising up her back.  And of course…. she is LOVING her results.

See what she said in her blog:


I know what your thinking, why would Leslye Gale get a tattoo of a horse on her lower back. I often wonder the same thing (as does my mother). I will tell you, he was a very special horse to me and has since entered horsey heaven. So in some small way I’m happy I got it (not really it was stupid).

Anyway getting to the point. I got that tattoo about 10 years ago, but recently noticed my horse looked a lot slower and lower! Well so did my derriere, by God it was falling and starting to sag. I figured it happens to the best of us and was prepared to live with the loose skin. I do exercise almost everyday and I did everything I could do, but with a child, a new husband and a job, I could only do so much.

Then I was introduced to the “UltraSculpting Orlando” at HLC Wellness Spa in Lake Mary. They have been doing this for years and have perfected the art of using different systems for body contouring and tightening.

Now look at my horse (his name was Cherokee by the way) do you see the space between him and the bottom of my spine. In one month, the UltraSculpting Orlando has tightened and actually lifted my bottom to where it used to be. A butt lift without surgery. In fact there’s no cutting, no pain and no down time.

(you should see my face and neck)


Read more: http://www.magic107.com/onair/john-leslye-42238/pics-living-proof-it-works-12706755/#ixzz3BdK7IIpx

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