Bre discovers the UltraSculpting Tummy Tuck and loves her results

The UltraSculpting Tummy Tuck does it again!

Bre is a 35 year old mother of 2 that works out but had a difficult time getting her tight stomach back after having children.

Bre had assumed that she would have to travel to Hollywood to get a really good tummy tuck but she didn’t want to pay loads of money and she didn’t want to have scars on her stomach.  Bre searched the internet and found that she was only 30 minutes away from our Lake Mary office so she booked the appointment, attended her free consultation and  went through the program.  Her goal is to be able to become a professional bodybuilder and be up on stage.  Her results were fantastic and she is thrilled with her mommy makeover and tummy tuck.

Bre can’t believe that people go to pay massive amounts of money to undergo painful tummy tucks with downtime and scarring when they can just have the UltraSculpting Non Invasive Body Contouring with no down time, no scarring and no injections.  Bre is absolutely thrilled with her results and we appreciate her for telling her story.

Bre loves her Tummy Tuck from UltraSculpting


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