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No-Cut Tummy Tuck

No-Cut Face Lift

No-Cut Butt Lift

No scars, no down time and a more natural and youthful appearance at half the cost of most plastic surgery.

Tummy Tuck with No Surgery, No Scarring, No Needles 

Less expensive than most surgery and no down time!

The UltraSculpting Orlando Tummy Tuck and Face Lift alternative

The UltraSculpting process involves the unique and trademarked use of Class II Intense Pulse Light applicators which shrink fat and tighten the skin, all without surgery, downtime or needles.  

Our proven methods of non-invasive body contouring and facial reconstruction means that you will never go “under the knife” again. ‘The UltraSculpting consistently delivers the same looks that people enjoyed 10 to 20 years ago.


UltraSculpting safely produces natural results without the “frozen face” look.

As we age, we tend to accumulate more fat around our body and it becomes more and more difficult to keep it off.  UltraSculpting ( is the process of using 2 different Syneron machines together with other modalities, which has a much better effect than either system can produce alone.

The effectiveness of the FDA cleared Syneron machines and the knowledge of years of studying body contouring in Orlando have an effect that nobody can imitate, and many have tried.  UltraSculpting can also treat loose skin from extreme weight loss, acne scarring, blemishes and of course, body contouring.

UltraSculpting is attracting Miami and Orlando celebrities to get their anti-aging treatments at our Lake Mary location.

Finally!  An affordable alternative to painful plastic surgery…

facelift-syneron-400…liposuction or mini tummy tucks in Orlando.  The UltraSculpting Tummy Tuck uses a combination of 2 IPL machines that can melt fat and tighten skin over a period of 6 sessions.  This amazing no-cut Tummy Tuck can help to eliminate the extra bulge, love handles, muffin tops and stomach fat that we tend to acquire as we age.   Exercise and sit ups are great but you need to eliminate the layer of fat to show off those abs again.  UltraSculpting can help to sculpt your body back to when you were proud to show it off!  This procedure helps with c-section scars, breast enlargement/reduction scars and other surgical scars on your body.  Do you want a better body without the risks associated with surgery and anesthesia? Are you considering plastic surgery but afraid of the many dangers of surgery?  Call us for a no risk free consultation to see what we can do for you first.

Face Lift

The No Cut Face Lift can naturally firm and tighten your face to give you a younger, more natural look.  This is all accomplished without needles, injectables or any “poisons” commonly used to tighten the face.  Would you prefer a natural look, unlike many of the bad celebrity plastic surgeries that everybody tends to joke about now?  How about naturally tightening up the neck and firming the cheeks or lifting the jowls to show off that youthful face again?  You no longer need to go under the knife for forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet and double chins.  Schedule a free consultation today.

UltraSculpting Skin Rejuvenation

non-surgical-face400This astounding procedure can be used for skin blemishes, adult acne, cellulite and age spots too.  The procedure also works wonders on scars, as the inventor of this program removed a neck scar that had been plaguing him since childhood.


Scars from plastic surgery can be diminished or eliminated using our painless procedures.  Many clients come to our office to receive help with scars left by plastic surgeons after receiving an invasive procedure that required cutting and left the client feeling very undesirable with a large scar as a result of the procedure.

Butt Lift

buttlift-before-400The UltraSculpting No Cut Brazilian Butt Lift can be achieved by melting fat in the buttocks with an IPL and then moving the fat around before it cools.  Afterward, we use a separate system to tighten the skin and provide a more youthful appearance.  Again, this is accomplished WITHOUT CUTTING or anesthesia and can be accomplished in a matter of 3 weeks at 2 treatments per week.


It’s not the machines, it’s the technique

Any surgeon or aesthetician can purchase a machine from a company, use their stock before and after photos and attempt to achieve results after mediocre training from the company that wanted to sell them a machine.  Doctors from all over the world fly to Orlando to train under the UltraSculpting methods because  years of refining techniques using only IPL machines has made  UltraSculpting the experts in non-surgical body contouring.


The cost of Face and Body Contouring?

UltraSculpting is typically half of the cost of traditional surgical procedures already.  But because it is non invasive you should also factor in the cost of traditional surgery including the 1-3 months minimum of missed work, the thousands spent on anesthesia and scars that you will have after the surgery.  UltraSculpting has no down time, no scarring, no pain and no need to miss work.  As a matter of fact, you can come in for a treatment at lunch and return to the office immediately after.


Celebrities could use whatever plastic surgeon they like, but so many prefer UltraSculpting

before-cellulite-400Celebrities in Orlando love UltraSculpting because they can get a treatment hours before they get on camera without worrying about looking like they had a procedure.  Leslye Gale, former TV anchor and current radio DJ swears by UltraSculpting Orlando Tummy Tuck and received treatments to look absolutely stunning for her wedding, and she did.

Curious about results?  UltraSculpting has hundreds of documented video results of clients before and after the procedures.  Images are great but video always tells the whole story.  After 9 years of mastering the art of non-surgical procedures and thousands of clients treated over the years, we have documented proof of successful treatments for clients that consented to having their results shared.  We don’t use stock images provided by IPL companies of “before and after” images of clients.  Our videos are our own and we would be happy to show them to you during your free consultation.

Before and After Gallery of REAL Clients


Stretch marks,   cellulite,   blemishes,  sun damage…

Less than surgery, lasts longer than injectables and much safer than both

You can look your best within 2 weeks with no down time and no scarring!

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